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Our quality assured counter-balance stackers are a thin, versatile solution for warehouse operations. We have second hand stacker trucks in stock to meet any specific requirement you may have.

Our counterbalanced stackers provide exceptional lifting and mobility of loads, usually through a set of forks, enabling the stacking of block loads and pallets. On the downside, counterbalance stackers have the longest total length due to the counter-balance weight. This commonly results in a larger required turning circle when you compare it next to other types of stackers trucks.

Benefits of Counterbalanced Stacker Trucks

Counterbalanced stackers provide a great balance between a pallet truck and a forklift, providing a financially cheaper alternative than the expensive forklift, and offering a greater amount of lifting potential than a pallet truck, both in terms of load capacity and maximum height of lift potential.

These stackers use a counter-balance weight to distribute heavy loads. This allows them to operate in narrower aisles than straddle stackers because of their streamlined design. No straddle legs means no need for extra ground clearance.

Pedestrian controlled counterbalanced stackers allow you to perform higher levels of material handling without the need for a certificate of training that a forklift driver requires. Rider-operated trucks not only cost more, but increase risk on the warehouse floor. Counterbalanced stackers provide a middle ground for warehouses looking to grow.

The cost of running a used counterbalanced stacker truck compared to a forklift truck is lower in every aspect. From initial outlay to employee training, and from fuel allowances to maintenance costs, the money saved when using a manual stacker can be used to great effect elsewhere within a business.

Capacities of Counterbalanced Stacker Trucks For Sale From PHL

Our typical range of stackers includes lifting capacities from 800kg to 1600kg, at 500mm load centres. They run on 240ah 24v batteries that power AC drive motors.

Our used counterbalanced stackers are balanced similarly to traditional forklifts, but are able to fit into much tighter spaces. Extremely durable and cost-effective, our second hand counterbalanced stacker trucks are an ideal tool for any warehouse operation.

Our full range of Stacker Counterbalanced forklifts are available below

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Truck For Sale

Crown Stacker, Counterbalanced From stacker-counterbalanced Category

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Stock No: 182488

  • Model 40WBTL
  • Year 2012
  • Euromast 2W330
  • Capacity 1600
  • Lift height 3330
  • Quality Rating 4
  • Price *****
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