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PHL are experts in managing the international delivery of our products. With over 40 years’ combined experience, we have managed the safe export and transport of thousands of used forklift trucks to more than a 150 countries around the world.

We recognise there are several challenges to delivering world class international forklift delivery but at PHL we have the strategy and experience to overcome them.

Forklift Transport Infrastructure

Infrastructure is one the major challenges for the importing and exporting of goods. Without adequate space to accommodate large machines, congestion can be a major issue, especially when transporting oversized equipment. At PHL we have a huge loading area that can accommodate multiple forklift trucks throughout the loading process. Heavy- work equipment and expertly trained employees are responsible for the safe and timely loading of machines.

Load capacity

Most problems with transporting oversized loads derive from regulations and rules applied by each country. In most countries in the EU, the general rule for driving transport vehicles on highways is a combined weight of 12 tonnes per axle. As the maximum permissible load weight for a vehicle may vary between countries we always apply the correct weight and dimensions based on the regulations of the destination of the delivery.

Another aspect of capacity is full vehicle utilisation, which means that we are transporting goods efficiently, through reducing the empty space and making better use of each vehicle's carrying capacity. Thanks to this, goods can be carried with fewer vehicle movements. This helps to reduce total freight vehicle traffic, thereby leading to reduced congestion, emissions, accidents and other environmental impacts of freight transport. To achieve high utilisation of capacity, at PHL we make sure that cargo is loaded with the weight close to the limit and evenly distributed inside the container or trailer.

On-time Loading And Delivery Of Forklifts

Time is a key consideration when planning for international trade; it is also the most expensive resource in the world. At PHL we help our clients save money due to them receiving goods quicker than if they used our competitors. We’re happy to advise the right mode of transport for your forklifts, as this is also essential to ensure your import or export operation is efficient and cost-effective.

The next step in organising efficient delivery is the correct preparation of it. Everything needs to be carefully checked, and if disassembly is necessary, we do it the day before, properly securing each part on a separate pallet. This means that, when the day of the delivery comes, the machines are ready to load.

Security Of The Cargo

At PHL, we use reliable suppliers' services. Also, each load is properly secured according to international standards. Full documentation and tracking of the transport is essential. All your consignments are accompanied by the necessary export documents.

On the other side, transportation of heavy oversized loads may require the use of additional support elements, so we care about every little detail.

All of our second-hand forklifts are treated the same as brand new forklifts – the machine and its components are securely strapped whileother small parts are placed on the pallets. If necessary, we use specially treated packing wood, which is used to stabilise the load and protect it from moving during transportation.

In some cases, it is necessary to drain fluids like fuel and oils in compliance with the legal requirements of the country of delivery. We think about and take care of all of this so you don’t have to.

Logistical Coordination of Second Hand Forklift Delivery

The management of international logistics must include all factors associated with operating the transportation, such as applicable regulations, taxes, and relevant documentation. The main challenge is to respond to the different long-term and short-term fluctuations in the market such as economic crisis, supply and demand for products, currencies and other investments. For this purpose, changes in these factors must be monitored all the time to avoid any problems or surprises.

Furthermore, when creating our team of specialists, we carefully considered the organization of the different elements of our service to be able to deliver it fluently. Together with efficient customer service, carefully prepared structures of costs and transport we minimize the total delivery time. To help achieve this we monitor the conditions on the route, the eventual emergence of problems requiring deviations from the route and changes in weather conditions. This allows us to create a seamless door-to-door forklift delivery experience.

In our opinion, improving the efficiency and effectiveness’ of international transport logistics should be the main goal ofevery company involved in importing and exporting goods.

The PHL target is to satisfy the needs of our current customers, while at the same time attracting new business by offering great value, world-class service and a fantastic delivery experience. We have the right team of people and processes to allow us to deliver to the highest standards and expectations.

Contact us today for more information about the service and support we provide to our customers, or to arrange for our expert team to visit your site.

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