Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

At PHL we know how important the right machinery is to your operations. That’s why we take care of all transport and logistics for the forklifts you buy from us. From our warehouse in Basingstoke, to your industrial complex, we take care of every step.


When we load your machinery for shipping, we take care to disassemble it carefully, making reassembly easier at the end of its journey. Our dedicated team will ensure you get exactly what you’ve ordered, in the exact condition specified.

Container Stuffing

By stuffing your container we make sure you get your machinery in the condition promised upon purchase. We take care of these details so that you don’t have to worry when purchasing from us.

Shipping Documents

Shipping can be a complicated process, but with all of our experience in transporting goods we can take care of shipping documents to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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Transport & Logistics Transport & Logistics Transport & Logistics

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