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Used Turret Forklifts

A man down turret truck, sometimes known as a VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) forklift, is specifically designed for operating in small, narrow aisle spaces. It allows the operator to be lifted up to get a clear view of the handling process. This increases accuracy and handling times per task. A turret forklift is ideal for an industry with high volume handling applications – they are the fastest option when it comes to load handling per hour.

Benefits of Man Down Trucks

Man down trucks offer the versatility to handle a broad range of warehouse challenges. Compared to a counterbalance forklift, where the operator can be around 8 metres away, the turret forklift truck offers an unobscured view of the handling process. This improves the accuracy of the task, as opposed to relying on the best judgement of the operator from a distance away.

Thanks to their flexible design, man down turret trucks allow for 180° fork rotation. This is perfect as the operator can access both sides of the aisle without having to move the turret forklift from side to side.

Man down turret forklifts can save up to 50% more space than a standard reach forklift, and 25% more than an articulated forklift. The man down forklift is perfectly suited for the job it is designed for.

Man Down Order Picker Trucks From PHL

We stock a variety of man down turret trucks, including both man up and man down varieties. The man down type allows the operator to ride in a driver's cab and survey the task without needing to get in to the turret itself. The man up type is when the operator is lifted to survey the proceedings.

Whatever the size of your working environment or the loads you need moving, we'll find a man down VNA forklift truck that suits your needs. Our range includes vehicles with various capacity capabilities and lift heights. We also offer products from renowned manufacturers such as Caterpillar and Linde. Explore our range below.

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Truck For Sale

Linde Turret Man Down From turret-man-down Category

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Stock No: 383129

  • Model A10
  • Year 2006
  • Euromast 2W705
  • Capacity 1000
  • Lift height 7050
  • Quality Rating 3
  • Price *****
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Truck For Sale

Jungheinrich Turret Man Down From turret-man-down Category

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Stock No: 486458

  • Model WM13
  • Year 2001
  • Euromast 2W400
  • Capacity 1250
  • Lift height 4060
  • Quality Rating 3
  • Price *****
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