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Used Rough Terrain Forklifts

Rough terrain forklifts are perfect for versatile terrain. With their excellent traction and sensitive handling system, they are designed to suit any environment. From construction sites and builder's yards, to special event venues and timber forestry sites, by being so adaptable a rough terrain forklift can maximise on productivity and efficiency. This means that the operations around your area are run smoother and faster. Not only this, but a rough terrain forklift is comfortable and easy to service. Considering the hard work that they do, they are built to withstand a lot of use every day, and are deliberately used for more challenging tasks.

Rough terrain forklifts typically have rugged tyres and feature heavy-duty construction. With their stronger frames, they can lift heavier loads higher than forklifts that operate in warehouses, for example. They also have larger tyres than an indoor forklift to prevent them from sinking in wet or loose soil. The tyre size also helps them to function over sloped or unstable ground more easily and safely. Rough terrain forklifts have increased traction on the tyres for navigation over poor terrain. These tyres are also specially reinforced to limit any damage caused by uneven surfaces, loose stones or glass. They are made to withstand the outdoor elements such as strong wind, heavy rain, ice and snow. Some are also made to endure corrosive material which can be found on some sites. Usually a rough terrain forklift is made of galvanised steel or composite materials as these last longer in heavy moisture than regular steel.

We stock a range of used rough terrain forklifts from reputable manufacturers including Manitou. These forklift trucks are manoeuvrable and swift to cover ground. We independently quality check every forklift that we sell. This ensures that not only are they safe, but they also function superbly. Despite being used, all of our forklifts are of a high standard. They each have a service inspection which covers everything from the suspension to the electrical systems. This service inspection ensures that all the forklifts are responsive to handle and operate. A rough terrain forklift is durable and adaptable, making an excellent addition to a workforce that works hard across challenging terrain.

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