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Samuk Forklifts

Our range of Samuk forklifts include diesel powered forklifts, petrol powered forklifts and 3 wheeled models. Featuring innovative design and fuel efficiency, Samuk forklifts adopt the latest ergonomic technologies. Samuk forklifts are some of the best trucks when it comes to cost, visibility, unmatched productivity and safety.

The Samuk forklift steering axle adopts a shock-mitigating device. It installs an up and down type steering rod, with simple structure and better absorption. This results in high levels of accuracy and control for the operator.

Our 3 wheeled Samuk forklifts offer speed and controlled movement in the tightest of spaces. With a capacity of 1,500lbs, this light weight truck is perfect for light to medium operations. Meanwhile, our mighty diesel powered Samuk forklift has double the capacity and a reach of 11ft. This rugged forklift is perfect for yard operations, but is also very much at home indoors. A versatile and hardwearing truck, the Samuk diesel forklift is suited to medium to heavy operations.

Discover our range of Samuk forklifts below and see why Samuk are one of China's most popular forklift trucks.

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Samuk Diesel From diesel Category

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Stock No: 225599

  • Model RY160D 1200
  • Year 2008
  • Euromast 2W300
  • Capacity 16000
  • Lift height 3000
  • Quality Rating 4
  • Price *****
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Truck For Sale

Samuk Electric From electric Category

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Stock No: 244248

  • Model HE15
  • Year 2005
  • Euromast 2W330
  • Capacity 1500
  • Lift height 3300
  • Quality Rating 3
  • Price *****
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