High Quality Forklift Batteries Delivered and Installed

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High Quality Forklift Batteries Delivered and Installed

Electric forklift trucks utilise traction batteries as their source of power and most of them can last a very long time. Modern batteries are connected together using bolted connections but traction forklift batteries (old types) are made up of several individual cells, which may be identified by having a ventcap. All are linked together to form a battery. Among some of the most popular types, forklift trucks operate at 24v, 36v, 48v, 72v and 80v.At PHL Ltd, you'll find brand new forklift batteries at great prices. Our extensive range of forklift truck batteries include a variety of voltages and cell types, with positive plate capacity from 32 Ah to 155 Ah, and in various sizes.

The most popular of our forklift batteries are often ordered for these types of forklifts: • Reach trucks • 3 wheeler electric counter balance • 4 wheeler electric counter balance • Pallet trucks • Pallet stackers / Ride on

Traditionally, the major drawback of electric forklift trucks is that the battery pack has a finite lifespan. When the battery pack begins to age, you tend to have to top up the cells more often with high purity distilled water and you get less work time between charges. This can be critical in situations where you require a driver to be using the forklift for the duration of their shift. Avoid a scenario like this by buying a new forklift battery from PHL.

Buy Forklift Batteries With UK wide Delivery and Installation

If you’re looking to buy a new forklift battery simply provide us with the number of cells and the battery type and will be more than happy to quote you! If you’re not sure what type your battery is simply check the identification label or sticker on the side of the battery which will give you all the information you need. We will attend your site and remove the old cells from the tank. We will then clean the tank and rebuild the battery using brand new cells, new bolts, connectors and packing’s.

We will also assemble a new harness. All prices you’ll receive from us are for carrying out work plus VAT, which includes all labour and delivery charges. We have lots of brand new forklift batteries for sale in stock so can complete the job on a date that is convenient for you. All new forklift batteries from PHL come with a 5 year warranty

Contact us today for more information about the service and support we provide to our customers, or to arrange for our expert team to visit your site.

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