Using Forklift Truck Attachments to Increase Warehouse Productivity & Safety

Utilized correctly, forklift attachments can substantially reduce material handling times and increase productivity, while also reducing your costs and ensuring high standards of health and safety.

Think about it this way: if you want to expand your company, it usually involves a certain amount of investment. You already have a forklift truck, which performs normal lifting and transportation tasks. But to really increase productivity, you need to load raw materials faster onto production lines. You need to move abnormally shaped materials. And you need to transport large quantities of loose materials in different areas.

You may think that to achieve all this you would need to buy another machine or even multiple machines. Or, you may feel that without the correct machinery, you would need to instruct your staff to do the job manually, which poses a risk to property and, more importantly, to the safety of your employees.

The solution is easier than you think

With the correct forklift truck attachments, your employees can use the same forklift for multiple specialist materials handling tasks alongside normal lifting. This can transform your forklift from a simple lifting truck into a crane, a work platform, or even a snow plow. As a result, you can reduce several costs of your business. First of all, the cost of buying separate, specialist units, secondly the cost of running and maintaining multiple units.

In addition, forklift attachments are easier to store than a separate specialist machine. They’re also significantly easier to maintain than a forklift truck.

When it comes to health and safety, forklift truck attachments eliminate the need for your staff to carry out many tasks manually – especially relating to moving stock or materials. They also add an extra level of safety to tasks that require elevation. Attachments such as work platforms and cages mean your workers can safely attach themselves via a harness to work at elevated heights. You can forget about ladders and eliminate the need to purchase expensive cherry pickers or EWPs.

You can read more about warehouse efficiency here.

PHL has more than 50 attachments in stock for rent and for sale. See all our attachments and don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable staff if you’d like to discuss your requirements.


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