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The Future of Forklifts is Electric


Over the last two decades, electric forklifts have gained greater importance in the market. The key to this change has been regulations concerning noise levels and exhaust emissions in the workplace. Warehouse management has also changed dramatically. Much of the warehousing market is now indoors, aisles in warehouses have become narrower and shelves are placed higher – all to increase storage capacity within the warehouse.

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Five Reasons to Hire a Forklift Truck from PHL

We all need the right tools to do our job – and some jobs require the precision and power of forklift trucks. For a variety of reasons, not all companies wish to invest in the purchase of new or second-hand forklift trucks, which is why we also offer trucks for hire. Forklift truck rentals can give you the best of both worlds: increased productivity combined with flexible, lower cost investment.

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Second-hand Linde H160 Forklift Delivered to Poland

Delivery of a Linde forklift to Poland

We received a fantastic response to the special offers we recently sent to our long-term customers. Following the purchase of a Linde H160 earlier this week, we’re delighted to share some photographs from the delivery process. The customer required the machine urgently, so this was another opportunity for the PHL team to meet the challenge of organising transportation and delivery at the last minute.

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Delivering a Container Handler to Ghana

At PHL we love a challenge – and challenges don’t come much bigger than delivering a Kalmar Container Handler to a customer in Ghana! The logistics of moving such a large machine are complex and require careful planning and the granting of very specific permissions. Fortunately, at PHL this is all in a day’s work for us.

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Forklift Truck Refurbishment and Restoration


Among our extensive stock of all types of forklift truck, we have many quality ex-rental or contract hire trucks that have been expertly maintained throughout their life. Due to this care with their maintenance, their mechanical condition is usually excellent, but unfortunately, their cosmetic condition does not match! We offer a full cosmetic refurbishment to restore them back to an excellent all round condition.

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PHL Expands its Stock with Over 200 Second-Hand Crown Forklifts

Second-Hand Crown Electric Forklifts

Second-Hand Crown Forklifts from PHL – over 200 machines in stock!

Second-Hand Crown Forklifts from PHL  are now ready for purchase! We received over 200 machines, all electrics and in great condition! This well-known brand offers lift trucks which are designed to increase productivity, safety, and operator comfort.

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De-masting and Transporting a Turret Man Up Forklift Truck

One of PHL’s recent deliveries to a customer in Poland required us to de-mast two Linde K series Turret Trucks. This particular load contained masts that were both over ten meters tall. Here we’ll explain the advantages of having this kind of reach for forklift trucks. Plus we’ll describe how we were able to export the trucks safely and securely to our customer in Poland.

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What Is The Difference Between A Counterbalance And Reach Forklift?

PHL Forklift Trucks Parked

There are many different types of forklift trucks and each is designed to suit a different purpose. It’s common that one forklift operates better outside whereas another has the ability to reach loads located high up in racks. No matter what the purpose, it is important to understand each forklift, its capabilities, and suitability for the job you have in hand. Read More »