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Case Study: Delivering Quality Used Forklift Trucks to Customers in India

forklift imports - uk to india

India has over 100 local forklift manufacturing brands. This makes the industry a pretty crowded place to be – with the sheer volume of competing brands and suppliers, it sometimes feels like we’re selling to a saturated market. However, there remains a shortage of quality reach trucks, articulated trucks and VNA man up trucks, which means there’s plenty of room for an international exporter like PHL to provide value and quality.

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Exporting Used Forklifts to Peru

used forklifts exported to peru

One of the great things about working at PHL is the diversity of our customer base. We deliver to just about every country in the world. What’s more, we support many industries – each with their own specific challenges and requirements. Find out how we delivered a quality service for two customers from the seafood industry in Peru.

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Exporting Forklift Trucks Worldwide: a Chinese Case Study


We’re often asked by our overseas customers if it’s cost effective to import trucks from the UK. In almost every case, the answer is “yes”. Used trucks from PHL offer incredible value, even when considering logistical costs. With the largest inventory of used trucks in the UK, PHL can source the right truck for specific and often niche requirements. We also have a great track record of delivering trucks globally – safely, securely and on time.

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The Importance of Forklift Trucks in Supply Chain

Forklift industry - trends

Countless companies in multiple industries depend on forklift trucks. According to the British Industrial Truck Association (BITA), “over the last ten years, the UK forklift market has risen dramatically from a low in 2009 of 17,658 units to 2018’s figure of over 35,300 units” (March 1, 2019). That means that the forklift industry has increased more than 50% in sales.

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Another Way to Make an Eco Impact

The used forklift industry has a positive impact on the environmentPeople often claim that used machinery contributes to pollution and is bad for the environment. In this article I would like to take a different view: that restoring and utilising second hand machinery is an eco-friendly solution, in contrast to today’s throw-away society. 

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Why You Should Consider Buying a Sideloader

Four Way Sideloader from PHL

PHL believes that Sideloaders are a good option if you’re looking to handle wide or long loads. This is even more the case if you operate within a warehouse environment with narrow aisles. These machines include an integrated loading platform to help bear the weight. And, unlike front-loading forklifts, the Sideloader allows the load pressure to be distributed across the machine. This gives the operator far more stability compared to a truck where the weight is concentrated at one end.

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Experts in VNA: The Questions We’re Asked About VNA Trucks


If your warehouse or work area includes small spaces and plenty of stock, the chances are you need a Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Machine in your life. Operating with speed and precision, VNA Trucks often make the difference when it comes to productivity and efficiency. They also allow you to reduce your aisle widths, so you can fit more stuff into your space. Read on for the answers to some of the questions we’re asked most about VNA.

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Refurbished Used Forklifts: Time, Skill and Precision

Linde H160 Diesel - Refurbished

Here at PHL we take pride in restoring forklifts to their former glory – our engineers are specifically trained to ensure our trucks not only look the business; they also run perfectly to support your business. Find out how we took six Linde H160 Diesel forklifts from redundant to refurbished.

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Forklift Dealer or Private Seller? Who Should I Buy a Forklift Truck From?

where can I buy a forklift

The Internet has created a global, virtual marketplace and is now the most successful venue for advertising, sales, and distribution. There is no limit for buyers and sellers across the globe, to buy or sell everything they want. Sellers don’t even need to have their own website or a physical store; the only thing they need is access to the Internet and an account with eBay, Facebook or another popular online marketplace.

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