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Another Way to Make an Eco Impact

The used forklift industry has a positive impact on the environmentPeople often claim that used machinery contributes to pollution and is bad for the environment. In this article I would like to take a different view: that restoring and utilising second hand machinery is an eco-friendly solution, in contrast to today’s throw-away society. 

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Why You Should Consider Buying a Sideloader

Four Way Sideloader from PHL

PHL believes that Sideloaders are a good option if you’re looking to handle wide or long loads. This is even more the case if you operate within a warehouse environment with narrow aisles. These machines include an integrated loading platform to help bear the weight. And, unlike front-loading forklifts, the Sideloader allows the load pressure to be distributed across the machine. This gives the operator far more stability compared to a truck where the weight is concentrated at one end.

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Experts in VNA: The Questions We’re Asked About VNA Trucks


If your warehouse or work area includes small spaces and plenty of stock, the chances are you need a Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Machine in your life. Operating with speed and precision, VNA Trucks often make the difference when it comes to productivity and efficiency. They also allow you to reduce your aisle widths, so you can fit more stuff into your space. Read on for the answers to some of the questions we’re asked most about VNA.

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Refurbished Used Forklifts: Time, Skill and Precision

Linde H160 Diesel - Refurbished

Here at PHL we take pride in restoring forklifts to their former glory – our engineers are specifically trained to ensure our trucks not only look the business; they also run perfectly to support your business. Find out how we took six Linde H160 Diesel forklifts from redundant to refurbished.

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Forklift Dealer or Private Seller? Who Should I Buy a Forklift Truck From?

where can I buy a forklift

The Internet has created a global, virtual marketplace and is now the most successful venue for advertising, sales, and distribution. There is no limit for buyers and sellers across the globe, to buy or sell everything they want. Sellers don’t even need to have their own website or a physical store; the only thing they need is access to the Internet and an account with eBay, Facebook or another popular online marketplace.

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How To Reduce The Total Cost of Forklift Ownership

Lowering maintenance costs and keeping the fleet productive are sure-fire methods to reduce the overall cost of ownership for any forklift fleet. Plant machinery can represent a significant investment to businesses, sometimes equating to the largest business asset over all.Read More »

How to Maintain a VNA Truck

Workman checking forklift truck battery

VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) forklifts are perfect for operating in confined spaces, at a variety of heights and around the tightest corners. Warehouse managers love this type of forklift truck because it allows them to set up their racks closer together – ultimately this makes it possible to store and process a higher volume of materials and products. To maintain this productivity, it’s essential that VNA machines are kept in peak condition. Read our top tips for getting the most out of your truck.


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How to Prepare Forklift Trucks for the Winter

winter-forklift-tire chainsThe last few days in the UK have been crazy! Unexpectedly high levels of snowfall stopped many businesses in the South of England from operating for a whole weekend. It started around midday on Friday and after a couple of hours, it was barely possible to continue working outside. Dropping temperatures, snow, ice and wind made work difficult and caused many operations to fail. Safety, health and motivation of the employees were put at risk when the roads and yards became wet and slippery with limited visibility.

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Forklift Truck Buying Guide

Forklift Truck Buying Guide, yard

Forklift Truck Buying Guide, yard

Buying a forklift can be a challenging task. Choosing the wrong machine will clearly limit your productivity and efficiency; at worst, you could be left with a forklift that’s incapable of fulfilling the tasks you expected of it. But get your choice right and you can look forward to many years’ service from your machine, and a huge boost to your productivity. With so many variations of forklift available on the market, there are many things to consider. We highly recommend you use this guide to help you select the best machine for you and the conditions of your workplace.

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