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Warehouse Best Practice Checklist

Good warehouse practices can be broken down into three broad operational areas: safety, efficiency and proactivity. Each area of this warehouse checklist is designed to promote preventative maintenance, increased productivity and a holistic view of warehouse management. These are fundamental elements of material handling management that form the foundation of warehouse best practice regardless of your industry or market.Read More »


Avoid $1m Worth Of Damages With These Simple Forklift Tips

When it comes to material handling, breakages can cost serious money. Back in 2010, one simple accident caused an estimated $1million of damage. Four hundred and sixty two cases of the 2010 Mollydooker Velvet Glove shiraz fell more than 6m to the ground as it was being loaded for export. The 6m drop was so forceful, the bottles punched through the top of the cartons. The result was the loss of one third of a winemaker’s annual production, resulting in $1million of damage.Read More »

warehouse racking for secondhand forklifts

Why Buy A Second Hand Forklift Truck?

Whether you’re operating on an industrial or commercial site, a forklift truck is an essential piece of equipment. It allows you to deal with your logistical work quickly, safely and efficiently and nothing can really replace it. However, purchasing a brand new forklift comes with a hefty upfront cost. Sometimes, the job you need doing is ideal for a second hand forklift. Used forklifts provide you with essential operational capacity you need without the price tag of a brand new forklift.Read More »

Cutting costs

How To Reduce The Total Cost of Forklift Ownership

Lowering maintenance costs and keeping the fleet productive are sure-fire methods to reduce the overall cost of ownership for any forklift fleet. Plant machinery can represent a significant investment to businesses, sometime equating to the largest business asset over all.Read More »

Large forklift truck battery

5 Tips for Forklift Battery Maintenance

For forklift trucks that run using batteries, as opposed to diesel or gas, it’s vitally important that as well as taking care of the forklift through vehicle maintenance, you also apply regular forklift battery maintenance. By looking after your forklift battery, you can ensure that both it and the forklift have the longest lifespan possible.

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Tips For Optimal Forklift Fleet Management

When it comes to your forklift fleet, productivity is essential. Getting the best return on investment for your machinery requires expert logistics, regular maintenance  and effective operator training. Here are a few tips for optimal forklift fleet management.Read More »


Forklift Attachment Types

Fork lift attachments are lifting accessories that allow your truck to lift, carry, crane, push, pull, hold, dispense, rotate and clamp with better efficiency. Most attach to the forks, but others are towed, such as salt spreaders. Fork truck attachments come in a range of sizes and capacities, so there is an attachment for any workplace and any truck.
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PHL warning of improper forklift truck use

Eight Forklift Truck Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Operating a forklift truck, regardless of whether you’re in a yard or inside a warehouse, doesn’t come without its element of danger. A forklift truck is a piece of heavy machinery and, therefore, you must exercise caution when you are operating one.Read More »

What Forklift Truck Do I Need

What Forklift Truck Do I Need?

Forklift trucks come in all shapes and sizes. Every truck is suited to its own environment, being ideal in some situations, but less effective than others. From the narrow and nimble reach truck, to the stocky and reliable counterbalance truck, there’s a forklift for almost all occasions. To help you out, here is a rundown of the most popular types of forklifts and where they are best suited. If you’re still unsure about which forklift would best suit your needs, feel free to get in touch.

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